Content Marketing

Use content to build your brand and grow your sales.

We helped a once small software company increase its earnings from $300K to $25M using content marketing. The company was in the process of raising venture capital and only had two full-time employees. Then, after raising its first round, we were hired to “turn people into raving fans”. Our content has earned them attention everywhere, from the New York Times to tech-focused Hacker News. As of this year, the CMO attributes 85% of its revenue to our work.

We have done the same thing for countless other brands, and we’re ready to do the same for you. We will make people passionate about your brand, and confident that your products and services are right for them.

Content marketing lets you expand your audience and build deeper connections with your existing customers. We will develop a content marketing plan to capture your audience early in the buying cycle and guide them to the stage where they are ready to buy.

Cooper Murphy provides content marketing services to a range of clients across a wide range of industries. This includes retail, business services, manufacturing, technology, energy and finance. We typically work with large brands, but we also work with ambitious start-ups and a few smaller businesses.