Content Strategy

Audit, plan and manage your content strategy with Cooper Murphy.

Your business has an uncountable number of files scattered across websites, languages and storage systems. Some content is outdated and other content is unfit for its intended audience. To make your content effective, it needs to be planned and managed effectively.

Before we give you a content strategy, we need to understand your business. Do you need a multi-lingual or international content strategy? Who manages content in your company? What problems are being caused by your content? Once we understand your business, we audit your content to judge its quality and performance. Is it bringing search traffic? Does it drive sales? Does it match your tone of voice? By initially auditing your existing assets, we will have the information we need to bring purpose and strategy to the way you manage content.

For the strategy to be effective, it has to be tailored to your business. The time and budget you can dedicate to content creation. Your employees’ writing abilities. And the other factors specific to your business, your staff and your industry. As well as giving recommendations, we give actionable steps to get things done. We write documentation that is easy for your staff to understand, and we ensure your content strategy is understood by all relevant people in your business. And because you need to track the strategy’s impact, we will create goals and ways of measuring success.

We will develop a strategy that lets you do the following:

• correct existing problems
• manage existing content
• create new content
• measure content quality
• create metrics for success