Translate your copy into any language with speed, accuracy and persuasiveness.

Your copy needs to persuade. It needs to capture your tone of voice and fit the culture of your target audience. We translate copy into all world languages, ensuring your message is not lost as it travels oceans and cultures.

Our clients don’t just need to be understood: they need to persuade their audience and sell their products and services. That is why, to find the right translators, we look at thousands of applicants to find one person to join our team.

Our translators are trained in SEO and we have an SEO consultant for each language pair. Is it best to say “mortgage” or “home loan”? We find out before we translate a word.

We only use native translators. We never use Spaniards to translate copy for a Mexican audience, or Americans to translate copy for a British audience. And the same applies to our proofreaders and editors.

To make sure the translator understands the mechanics of your business, we always appoint a translator with industry expertise. This gives you confidence in the translator’s ability to persuade your audience and understand their motivations and objections.

Before your copy is published, a proofreader and editor will check for mistakes and suggest ways to improve the copy. Cooper Murphy is the only translation agency to use an editor as part of our translation process.